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Chocolate (Board chocolate price quotation)
Conditions / hamamatsu and Chocolate(0.1lb)
Chocolate market of hamamatsu
Japan average(107)-1.62(JPY)-1.52%
53/81 in the city
Relative to Aug,2015(#50 > #53)Rank Down

Sep,2015 Chocolate price report for hamamatsu

According to the Retail Price Statistics Survey of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics Bureau of Statistics (Nov 22,2018 announcement), Chocolate 0.1lb retail price in hamamatsu is 105(JPY).


The highest time from 2015年1月 to Sep,2015 is 、Sep,2015、Aug,2015, 105 (JPY) per 0.1lb.

Conversely, the cheapest period is 、Apr,2015, 85 (JPY) per 0.1lb.

Compared to Japan average, Chocolate retail price of hamamatsu is 1.62 (JPY) low price retail price from Japan average.

The ranking of Aug,2015 is 50.
Since 50 to 53 it is Rank Down.

hamamatsu in Sep,2015 is 29 th in Japan and Chocolate is cheap in Japan.

hamamatsuChocolate market price Sep,2015

No Month Japan Ranking Price
1 Sep,2015 #53 MAX105(JPY) Sep,2015
2 Aug,2015 #50 MAX105(JPY) Aug,2015
3 Jul,2015 #32 100(JPY) Jul,2015
4 Jun,2015 #49 91(JPY) Jun,2015
5 May,2015 #62 89(JPY) May,2015
6 Apr,2015 #76 MIN85(JPY) Apr,2015
7 Mar,2015 #48 91(JPY) Mar,2015
8 Feb,2015 #26 91(JPY) Feb,2015
9 Jan,2015 #40 91(JPY) Jan,2015